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Bookings 2023 open!

Welcome to RØSTIG! We are the ambassadors of the low heart rate, the Zuidas of the Zen feeling and the Harvard of hammock lazing. We are røststokers and blow off your steam.

The bookings for 2023 are open: from 1 December to 28 February you can book with a 10% Early Bird discount .

From April 28 you can spend another 5 months in the nicest place in the Netherlands. At RØSTIG, close to the Randstad, you sleep in a tipi in nature and you come to RØST through the two to three workshops per day on yoga, self-development, creativity and meditation, all included in the price.

You can also canoe, sup-board, enjoy the wellness or meet others at the campfire in the cømmunity area. With us, RØST and conviviality are paramount.

Do you like to come alone? You are very welcome! At RØSTIG, people often come alone. Would you rather put your feet up with a friend for a few days with a drink in your hand? Pleasant! We offer two and even three person tents!

You have the choice of how you want to be and RØSTIG during your stay. RØST by meeting new people, withdrawing, active or passive relaxation: it's all possible!

We'll see you soon. Until that time:


Join RØSTIG+: our free online community

At RØSTIG+ you will find lessons and workshops, given by our enthusiastic teachers, who help you to relax sustainably. Join a 15 minute Yoga Morning Flow, a 4 week Meditation 101 course or an intensive course that will teach you new good habits. Connect with other members of the RØSTIG+ community and learn from each other.

Join the RØSTIG+ community for:

  • Separate workshops in yoga, meditation and breathwork (free and paid)

  • Self-development and meditation courses (free and paid)

  • Tips, tricks and help to relax sustainably

  • Special offers and updates

  • Membership of the online RØSTIG+ community


You stay in a spacious tipi of about 20 square meters. There will also be camping pods in the coming months. In your accommodation you will find a wonderful bed with a package of fresh linen, bedside tables, rugs, a chest for your clothes and, if requested, an easel with painting equipment. There is also electricity in the tipi.

Outside the tipi you will find two relaxing outdoor chairs and a fire bowl. You have a wonderful place to escape and relax. In our 'community area' you will find hammocks to relax, a campfire to meet each other, a RØSTIG beach, a waterfront catering facility and countless places to chill. You can also go canoeing and sup-boarding, swimming, walking, cycling, chilling alone or with others.

You can choose what you want to do, as long as you do RØSTIG ;).


At RØSTIG, all workshops are included in the price. In our living room tent you can participate in two to three workshops every day. There is often a yoga class in the morning, in the afternoon we vary between workshops on self-development, woodworking, creative workshops and yoga and often meditation in the evening. During the coming months the agenda with workshops will fill up. Keep an eye on our website for the up-to-date schedule!

Prefer an adventure? Roll out of bed, into a canoe and follow the treasure map with the canoe in search of an uninhabited island. You can also walk along the river or rent an electric motor boat or sup boards. In the evening you can meet others at the campfire, or relax by your own fire bowl or outdoor stove. You will also find board games, tasty wines and beers and of course good company at RØSTIG.

We love fun, you can join the campfire in the cømmunity area every evening. You can also withdraw nicely. Enjoy RØSTIG the way you want!


Below is a small impression of previous years. Curious about more photos? Then check out our Instagram.





Book from December 1 to March 1 with a 10% Early Bird discount!

Stay longer? Then combine two weeks or a week and a weekend!

Week part

Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday or Monday to Friday, 2 to 4 nights

From €79.95 per person, per night (incl. workshops)


Friday to Monday, or Friday to Sunday
2 to 3 nights

From €85.95 per person, per night (incl. workshops)


The agenda will be supplemented as your stay approaches. So keep an eye on him!


Date Activity
May holiday Coming soon


Date Activity
Early bird bookings from December 1 Coming soon


RØSTIG opens its doors from April 28 to September 30, at Lingedijk 6 in Kedichem. The fixed days for check-in and check-out are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This gives you the choice to stay for a long weekend (3 nights), part of the midweek (2 nights), a midweek (5 nights), a week (7 nights) or even longer.

At RØSTIG you will find a communal outdoor kitchen with various cooking facilities. You will also receive cooking utensils, plates and cutlery upon arrival. You can cook at your tent or in the communal outdoor kitchen.

Prefer not to cook? We have a catering facility with a terrace on the water. Please note: it is not always open, depending on the weather. You can get water, soft drinks, beers and wine in both the kitchen and the catering facility. At RØSTIG everything is vegetarian. Furthermore, the food is arranged as follows:


You can indicate with us when booking whether you want to participate in the breakfast buffet, with fruit, fresh rolls, granola, fresh orange juice and more. If you order it with your booking, it costs €12, on location it costs €14.


When open, you can use the delicious lunch that the catering facility offers on the terrace on the water or, of course, prepare something yourself.


At RØSTIG 2023 there are 2 options for dinner:

1. Cooking yourself. We will send you an email a week before your stay with recipes and ingredients to cook delicious meals at your tent or in the communal outdoor kitchen.

2. We work with local restaurants that can provide us with food every day. You can place this order as soon as you arrive at the location.

On the day of arrival there is an Indian buffet that you can participate in. You can pass this on when booking, or by email.

At RØSTIG we offer numerous workshops and activities that contribute to sustainable relaxation and RØST. We offer at least 2 to 3 workshops per day .

Daily meditation sessions and yoga classes

At RØSTIG we don't miss a day without a meditation session or yoga class. Meditation and yoga provide stillness and the possibility to return to the here and now. We think this is important and it fits our values. In addition, we are happy to help you learn how to apply meditation or yoga in your daily life (when things are a bit drøkker).

Other workshops we will offer are breathing sessions, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Wim Hof method and more.

Every time a workshop starts you will hear the gong. Of course you don't have to participate in anything, but we invite you to. Would you rather chill in your hammock or do something else? No problem of course!

Other activities

When you stay at RØSTIG you get your own canoe, with which you can go on an adventure. We also rent sup-boards and (electric) motor boats. You can paint, play games, swim, walk in the area, view old towns or just relax.

Everyone is welcome at RØSTIG. However, a minimum age of 18 applies. Not because we don't like children, but because we want to guarantee as much rest as possible (and that is easier without children).

RØSTIG is not the same as quiet. At RØSTIG we provide a stay where you can do everything to achieve sustainable røst, in nature. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that it will always be quiet. A party down the road or noisy boats passing by can always occur. However, we always have sleeping earplugs in your tent, so you keep the silence in your own hands ;).

Disclaimer: Do you have a concussion or are you in the middle of a burnout? Then remember that it is very RØSTIG with us, but we do not guarantee silence.

We want to offer you and your camp mates the ultimate peace of mind. There are several house rules to ensure this. The full house rules can be found at the camp. They are not that exciting, but it is still good to name a few:

1. No Politics. We are a place where everyone is welcome and should feel safe. We therefore avoid political topics that lead to annoying discussions or exclusion.

2. Music. Large music boxes are not allowed, small boxes near your tent are. We will also sometimes play music ourselves at the community area. Just be social here and think along with the others a bit, and you'll be fine.

3. After 23:00 it is quiet in the sleeping area. If you're still up and chatting a bit, that's fine, but do so in a whisper so as not to wake others. After 23:00 (or before, of course) you can go to the fire place in the community area.

4. Enjoy! We have done everything we can to offer you a very unique, røstige experience. Exactly as we would like it ourselves! If things are not to your liking or if you have feedback for us, please let us know. We want to learn and improve ourselves and we need your opinion.

Apart from your clothes and all the other standard necessities for a camping stay, we would like to emphasize a few more things:

- flashlight (we often have extra to borrow, but take it with you anyway)

- a bottle to fill with water

- sporty clothes

- swimsuit (we don't say what we're going to do)

- groceries for lunch/dinner

We provide beds with mattresses, pillows and bed linen :). Cooking utensils, plates and cutlery are also provided by RØSTIG.

Our regular changeover days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can check in from 4:00 PM on your arrival day and check out until 11:00 AM on your departure day. There is also a workshop on both the arrival and departure day, at 8:00 PM on the arrival day and at 9:00 AM on the departure day.

The Ø in RØSTIG stands for balance. Balance between bustle and røst, tension and relaxation. We believe that this balance is disturbed in many people nowadays, leading to too much stress. Our mission is to get people to røst. Not only by offering røst, but also by offering the 'tools' that help you learn new skills and take this røst home with you. And we're just a nice place to chill out. So just do RØSTIG. ;)


Not all your questions answered? RØSTIG, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Can't wait for your well-deserved røst? Book now!